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Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency at International Trademark Conference

Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency specialized on trademarks, patents, industrial design, intellectual and industrial property rights is among the sponsors of the International Trademark Conference which gather the significant names and brands of the business life  for 16 years.

The conference held in Swiss Hotel on the 19-20th of December, 2013 has been sponsored by Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency, and  hosted by Johanna Blakley, commentator of social media and popular culture.

With Fatoş Karahasan, strong moderator and with the participation of Emre Kerim Yardımcı, Partner of Deriş Attorney At Law, and Johanna Blakley, the panel titled “Digital Reform, Intellectual Properties and the Changing Face of Law” titled session has carried out. At the Digital Reform, session the issue the kind of brands that will be in the future has been discussed.  Emre Kerim Yardımcı, partner of Deriş Attorney At Law, emphasized that the prices spent for the marketing budget should return to trademark.