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Patent Opinions – Drafting and Business Applications Seminar

European Patent Attorney Nazlı Korkut of Deris Patent and Trademark Agency attended the seminar titled “Patent Opinions – Drafting and Business Applications”, which was organized by Forum Institut für Management GmbH, in Amsterdam on April 23, 2015. The seminar, given by Jasper Groot Koerkamp, a European Patent Attorney and consultant on intellectual property, discussed what a patent attorney should do to create a flexible environment which can adapt to business practices and market realities at a national and international level. Participants were informed through modelling method what can be done to combine the two different “languages”, being used by the business world and the patent attorneys, on the subjects such as when and where a senior executive, who is expected to consider the risks arising from competition and to make proactive decisions for the prevention of the same, should take action for his patent protection against third parties, and in what conditions he should benefit from partnership synergy.