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The Turkish Patent Institute has amended the monthly publication of trademark applications for 3rd party oppositions, whereby it will publish applications twice each month. This decision is being put into practice as of February 2016, whereby two Bulletins will be published: 

 • Official Trademark Bulletin No. 246 dated February 12, 2016 

 • Official Trademark Bulletin No. 247 dated February 29, 2016. 

 The change is also valid for Industrial Design Bulletins, the publication dates but different. The change began last year, where the Turkish Patent Institute first decided to cease to publish the monthly Bulletins and Gazettes in print and distribute these publications only in CD format. Thereafter as of the new year also CD format publications have been abandoned and the Bulletin / Gazette publications are revealed online on monthly basis. Currently the e-bulletin facility is reachable within the official website but only available in Turkish language and you may reach and download all on-line publications of official Trademark, Industrial Design and Patent Bulletins as well as Gazettes. The on-line publication of trademark as well as industrial design applications in the e-bulletin twice each month, which means that the opposition period once a month will change to two and applicants used to one deadline of opposition in Turkey in the mid of each month will need to consider the deadline for opposition(s) within mid as well as end of each month. Accordingly, the official Trademark Bulletin will be published on 12th and on 27th day each month, whereas the official Industrial Design Bulletin will be published each 9th and 24th of each month. We will update our watch services for our clients, whereby we will notify you of similar trademark applications for opposition purposes, published twice each month. We would be pleased to answer any questions in this regard.