AIPPI 2015 - Rio de Janeiro Dünya Fikri Mülkiyet Kongresi

AIPPI 2015 - Rio de Janeiro Dünya Fikri Mülkiyet Kongresi

AIPPI WORLD CONGRESS, under its new name, will be held in Rio de Janerio, Brasil between the 10th – 14th of October 2015 this year. Kerim Yardımcı of Deriş Attorney-at-Law Partnership and Nazlı Korkut of Deriş Trademarks and Patent Agency A.Ş. will attend the Congress. In the congress, attended by over 1500 IP cognoscenti from 80 countries this year, Nazlı Korkut will take part in the PCT Committee and the WQs, which have always been the most debatable and exciting part of AIPPI Congresses, will be monitored by the Board Members of the AIPPI Turkey as well as Kerim Yardımcı and Nazlı Korkut. WQs of this year are as follows; 

- Q244: Inventorship of multinational inventions,

 - Q245: Taking unfair advantage of trademarks: parasitism and free riding,

 - Q246: Exceptions and limitations to copyright protection for libraries, archives and educational and research institutions,

 - Q247: Trade secrets: overlap with restraint of trade, aspects of enforcement 

Among other panel and traditional Pharma Session programs, “Personalized Medicine”, “Technology transfer: public versus private interests”, “Green technology: a changing climate for IP rights”, “Non-traditional marks: sounds like a mark, smells like a mark…”, “Mediation in IP cases: expedient or coercive?” are a few of many striking headlines.

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