Technological Infrastructure

The Deris Technological Infrastructure

Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency A.S takes pride in constantly investing in the latest business applications, business continuity, disaster recovery, cutting-edge information security software, hardware and backup infrastructure. We diligently update our systems, as well as information technology policies, on a regular basis, mainly in the area of information security, according to current requirements and enjoy professional assistance provided by ADER.

ADER Computer Services A.S.

ADER, a subsidiary of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency, provides reliable software development services in business, as well as file management, that is intended for use by intellectual and industrial rights offices and agents. ADER also provides bespoke customized software development services according to the needs of firms on a contractual basis.  

ADER Computer Services A.S., which was founded in 1985, has developed the following software in the area of legal services in cooperation with intellectual property and information technology experts via analyzing the specific requirements in the intellectual and industrial property fields. As a result of these endeavors, it provides strong benefits to the legal field by developing information technologies, and continues to update the same in parallel with technological advancements:

  • EDDER I.P.M.S.®, Industrial and Intellectual Property Management Software
  • EDDER I.Y.S., Work Management System
  • Markangel®, Bulletin Surveillance Software

This software is used by Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency, Deris Attorney-at-Law Partnership and Sedin SA within the framework of a license agreement. 

EDDER I.P.M.S.®, Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights Management Software

EDDER I.P.M.S.® is software which has been specially developed in line with file and document management needs in the field of Intellectual rights and laws. Its constant development continued after its first much-anticipated release on the market in 1997, and it has now reached a sophisticated level of efficiency and automation. 

EDDER I.P.M.S.® enables one to perform the following actions:

  • Worldwide surveillance of registration and post-registration action in intellectual property rights
    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Utility Models
    • Designs
    • Plant Varieties
    • Geographical Indications
    • Domain Names
    • Copyrights 
  • Prosecution of legal files
  • Not only following up on official and service disbursements but also following up on expenses and advance payments
  • Easily tracking the total hours worked by attorneys, attorneys-at-law, and paralegals
  • Document Management
    • Recording Incoming-Outgoing Correspondence
      All Correspondence with clients, official authorities, and sub-agents
    • Recording Documents 
      Documents such as PoAs, Deeds of Assignment, and License Agreements
    • Access to documents via the unique EDDER I.P.M.S.® file
    • Sending Acknowledgments of Receipt and Reminders
    • Archiving
  • Sending Offers and the follow-up thereof 
  • Contact List management

Some of the welcome advantages provided by EDDER I.P.M.S.®:

  • Via Batch Processing, the following actions can be performed in mere seconds: 
    • Controlling files
    • Processing instructions 
    • Changing the Agent / Owner
    • Updating file details, etc.
  • Making reports and analysis, via SAP Business Objects business intelligence applications
  • Integrating the websites of offices such as WIPO, EPO, TPTO
  • Integrating the Oracle One World ERP program used in accounting
  • Securing access to applications via the internet

Secure, uninterrupted information exchange thus continues with low error rates to and from the offices and clients we work with by virtue of the convenience and innovation introduced to working life by EDDER I.P.M.S.®.

The EDDER Work Management System

The Work Management System was developed for the purpose meeting the most demanding needs in work management and human resources planning by ADER. The first version was a much-anticipated release back in 2007. 

The Work Management System enables one to perform the following activities:

  • Following-up on work on the basis of users, teams, departments, and even companies
  • Measuring and displaying attorneys and attorneys-at-law work-loads on calendars on the basis of users, teams, departments, and even companies
  • Workforce planning
  • Following-up on portfolios and projects
  • Reviewing teamwork
  • Preparing correspondence 
  • Reassuring automatic saving of outgoing correspondence under the relevant  EDDER I.P.M.S.® intellectual property rights files 
  • Convenient automatic calculation of time spent and the distribution to relevant EDDER I.P.M.S.® files

Some of the unique advantages of the Work Management System are as follows: 

  • It enables users to efficiently monitor the due dates of attorney's works
  • It provides direct integration with EDDER I.P.M.S.®
  • It allows reporting and analysis via SAP Business Objects business intelligence applications
  • It offers secure access to applications via the internet
  • It even permits access to the Calendar application by mobile phone with the DeriS Mobil application


This is advanced software which enables us to carry out bulletin surveillance of our clients' trademarks as of the date on which they were published in the trademark bulletins published by the TPTO. 

Markangel® enables one to perform the following actions:

  • Listing trademarks from the bulletin which are similar in terms of words or symbols with the client's mark
  • Examining listed results by Paralegals and Attorneys via a very user-friendly interface
  • Preparing an automatic report, which is time-saving, for trademarks that are marked as similar by Attorneys
  • Preparing automatic correspondence to be sent to the client for the trademarks that are marked as similar by Attorneys

The further advantages given by Markangel® are as below:

  • Using Paralegals’ and Attorneys’ time more efficiently
  • Integrating directly with the EDDER I.P.M.S.®
  • Reporting and analysis may be done via SAP Business Objects business intelligence applications
  • Offering secure access to applications via the internet

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