BUIK Enterprize Değerlendirme Kurulu Toplantısı

BUIK Enterprize Değerlendirme Kurulu Toplantısı

Jury assessment meeting of the Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club (BUIK) Enterprize was held on the 28th of February 2014 with the participation of Kerim Yardımcı and Nazlı Korkut of Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency. Theentrepreneurship competition is organized by Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club in order to enable BU students as well as outside applicants to present their creative ideas which have not yet reached to start up stage but have the potential to be incited. Successful applicants also have the chance of taking advantage of free mentorship and a monetary award.

Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency is among the sponsors of the competition and the winner is also to be awarded with a 20 hours of services in the process of trademark and patent registration. Jury Assessment Board with the attendance of Nazlı Korkut and Kerim Yardımcı, has assessed and graded the project work plans in terms of innovation, market potential and sustainability since the stage where 50 out of 450 innovative- entrepreneurial projects have been preselected.

BUIK EnterPrize Comptetition, supported by Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency, will conclude in May and in the meantime the last ten teams in the competition will benefit from a six weeks training and mentorship. Deriş has been planning to give all its support to new entrepreneurs needed within the scope of intellectual and industrial property rights.

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